How To Reduce Bounce Rate on website || 2021

How To Reduce Bounce Rate: Do you know what your bounce rate (SEO) is and how to reduce it? If not, don’t get depressed. I will explain today.

If you have your own blog or website, you will definitely learn a lot about bounce rates. Also, you can see your bounce rate by constantly checking your blog’s rankings, India rankings, and each visitor’s Alexa pages.

However, bloggers will feel sick if your site has an above-average bounce rate. It lowers the authority and rank of your own blogger.

Every site has a high bounce rate, which means it is not good for site users, and if the site falls into this category, it is very bad news for the site.

Usually bounce rates are higher for new blogs and websites. But if he’s old, it’s your fault somewhere that his high bounce rate is.

But after reading my article today, the bounce rate on your website will definitely drop, so nothing annoying.

Today, you should be sure to read the entire article while getting information about the article for easier understanding. Finally, today I want to give you some of these tips. I will do a lot of work on your site later.

What is the SEO bounce rate / How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

If you’re trying to improve the search performance of your blog or website and that hasn’t happened, the trick is to slow your bounce rate. However, this has some disadvantages. There is a problem with your plan. Let’s talk more about the error.

In other words, this bounce rate is called bounce when a visitor visits your site and visits a page, that is, when you return to your home page.

But bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors who visited one page and returned without clicking on another page.

This means that the visitor immediately returns without opening another page or reading the article. But if that’s the case, your site’s layout will be less interesting or you won’t value it too much.

Other than that, the design is not that different and the headlines may not be that appealing either. It’s important to understand that if your bounce rate is high, your site will have fewer visitors, and if you have fewer visitors, your rank will drop and ultimately your bottom line.

Bounce Rate Ratio Points

At this point, you need to think a little bit about your bounce rate. In this, I tell you how good your website bounce rate is, how much it should be, and what doesn’t help your website.

I have divided it into four parts for correct understanding.

Bounce Rate Ratio Points
  • 1 to 10%
  • 10% – 40%
  • 40% – 70%
  • Over 70
  • If your blog has a 1-10% bounce rate, it will appear in the list of successful sites in the world. After that, it doesn’t matter if the ratio goes from 10% to 40%.

The third one is 40-70%, but most sites are listed accordingly. This is not good but the job is worth seeing. Speaking of all sites, 75% to 80% of all sites fall into this category

Also, sites with a bounce rate above 70% are not good at all and require a lot of website work. Now, look for the errors that caused your bounce rate to be high ( How To Reduce Bounce Rate on the website )



If you are wondering whether the bounce rate for all site types is the same, the answer is no. The bounce rate depends on the type of site. Information about some of his characters is provided here:

Bounce Rate Error
  • Content Websites – 40-60%
  • Lead site -30-50%
  • Code -70-98%
  • Retail site – 20-40%
  • Service providing sites – 10-30%
  • Landing page – 70-90%

Errors that lead to high bounce rates for your website or blog
These are some of the Blogger’ mistakes that need attention.

  • Website loading time is long.
  • One page site.
  • Low-quality content.
  • Visitors from internal links want this.
  • Enter the wrong word for traffic.
  • Due to the lack of quality and content users like.
  • Your website design won’t work.
  • Makeup Mess.
  • Content titles should be specific.
  • How can I reduce my bounce rate?
  • Now I’ll explain how to reduce your bounce rate.

Use Light Weight Theme For Your Website.

You see, friends, you like what you see and then you are affected. Similarly, if your site or blog looks good, visitors can automatically visit your site and enjoy your content.

Knowing the color combinations is essential when designing your blog. You need to understand which website your visitors color.

Choose the right font color and text size. For example, making the font of all text reddish allows the reader to kiss the text size and keep it correct for visitors not to encounter.

The customer is God because of this word, and God’s sorrow kicked your stomach. If you put too much animation on your website, it won’t look special. Make your website design simple and easy to read (How To Reduce Bounce Rate on the website)

Monitor On Page Loading Time

Your website has a long load time. This means you have to think about your site visitors before accessing your blog. If you are a blogger you should definitely do it and this is also very important for SEO.

If the page load time is long

  • Less than a second means perfection.
  • Malta 1 to 3 seconds, average
  • Average 3-7 seconds
  • Meaning 7 or more – very weak
  • If you want to keep your site visitors happy, keep them excellent or above average. Using limited and thumbnails on the page will reduce page load times.

Provide High-Quality Content (Content is the king)

If your website has high-quality content, this will help you distinguish your website and understand the meaning of the brand. It will take some time to pay more attention to your site’s brand and valuable content, but you can reach your goals quickly.

If your content is of poor quality, visitors will automatically come back from your site as there are many sites that offer better content than your site’s content.

You write your findings as if you are writing content and not giving it the correct information. This will lower your website’s ranking, so type in the correct address.

If you provide false information on your website, the user will make a decision accordingly, which means it will lead to false results. Keep this in mind! Keep the size of your content between 500 and 1000 words and use simple languages ​​to quickly understand what your visitors are typing and help your site grow. Providing high-quality content to your friends will take some time, but it will improve your site visitors and slightly reduce your site’s bounce rate.

Use Short Address For Your Website

Everyone will feel sick because something is happening outside and inside. Bloggers often make this mistake and use absolutely wrong click-trap headlines.

Therefore, if we are linking to a blog, the question is whether you have successfully posted your title yourself, but this is not understood by the visitor.

And some other topics I wrote in the title. This reduces visitor confidence from the top of the site. I mean, the title of your post should be clear. Let me give you an example.

If a visitor comes to your site and reads the article carefully, he came back after reading the title of another article.

What happens with this, you will know your website will have a higher bounce rate. Keep your content as updated as possible. You can get the right information and your visitors should stay with you. Ranking on Google is very fast for good content.

Focus on content

that’s easy. Please write as much as you can. If you write here, you cannot create a page or message and how will your visitors feel?

While editing the message, focus on the tags you want to add. Then focus a little bit on shaping the vertebrae. If you’re reading while reading to your visitors, don’t write long, comprehensive paragraphs.

Make the word you want to bold. This will increase the visitor’s interest. Everyone loves to read selected content.

Use Internal links

If you don’t put the correct internal link in the middle of the message, your bounce rate will be high. This is because readers read the content regularly and then turn it off.

And when you enter the relevant affiliate link, it will want to read the content as well. For example, enter the internal link associated with the message and provide the internal link that the visitor thinks they should read.

The content on your website and the correct internal links to post are up to you. These tips can also help reduce bounce rates.

The internal link should open on a separate page.

If you are posting your internal link on your website, you should definitely focus on it. When a visitor clicks on the internal link in the message, a new page opens.

Articles read by your visitors should also open in one tab and another. It also lowers the bounce rate.

Mobile compatible blog

As you know the most popular mobile phone users these days. Therefore, you should be more careful to make your blog mobile-friendly.

The more mobile-friendly your blog is, the more your visitors will love your blog. I think 50% of visitors are mobile users. Therefore, use the mobile device form of the website.

Last Word

So my friend, today’s information was very important. If you want to do something new and make progress in the blogging world, I hope this article is for you.

At this point, you should understand what your bounce rate is (How To Reduce Bounce Rate on website) and how to reduce it. Consider all the techniques above while following your blog. If you still have questions, please write them in the comments section below.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate on website || 2021
How To Reduce Bounce Rate on website || 2021

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