How To Duplicate a page in WordPress || 2021

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress: You may find yourself in a situation where you want to create a new post or page similar (or almost identical) to an existing post or page on your site.

If you have long posts or pages, or lots of media, it can seem overwhelming to reroute all of your content. If you have multiple similar posts, you will have to re-enter all text or add all media files to create a new post or page – TRY FREE TRIAL


Another option is to use a message in a browser window or tab (to make it easier, we’ll use the “Send To” option to browse posts and pages and create a new message in a separate window. Move to the last two. (After Gutenberg) ) The WordPress version is easy to use with the option “Copy all content”.

However, if you have to do this over and over again, you run the risk of making mistakes. If I accidentally edit the original message, can I ignore content that has already been posted on the site? Or if you have lots of posts to copy and don’t know what you created?

In this post, I will show you some methods you can use to do this and shed light on the best plugins for the job.

However, first I’ll show you how to semi-manually copy or publish a page using WordPress without using a plugin. It includes copying and pasting, but it’s very easy to do with WordPress. If you only have one post to copy, it’s probably faster than installing and installing the plugin.

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress Manual Way.

This method is faster because it saves time when installing the plugin if you have a single message to repeat. If you have lots of posts to copy, we recommend that you skip this section. Needless to say, plugins are much faster.



How To Duplicate a page in WordPress : So if you just want to copy a post or page, do the following:

Start by opening an existing message or page. Click outside the block in the message or select the Documents tab in the edit window and make sure there are no separate blocks on the right side of the screen. If you choose a block, WordPress will copy the content of the block instead of the entire document.

Then click on the ellipse (three overlapping dots) in the upper right corner of the edit screen.

A list is displayed. Under this menu, you will see the option to Copy All Content. When you click on it, a message will appear informing you that the content has been copied.

Create a new job now. Enter a title for the message, then click on the first blank block created in the edit screen. Use the keyboard shortcut for Paste on Keyboard (Ctrl + V on Mac or Cmd + V on Mac) or right click and select Paste from the pop-up menu that appears.

The content of the old message is displayed in the new message. Fascination! (May be not)

You can now edit the message to make it different from the old message. Here’s my strong tip – it’s unlikely that you have completely overlapped blog posts on your site. Not only is this confusing for visitors, but it’s also bad for SEO.

But what if you want to duplicate most of your posts? Read more … (How To Duplicate a page in WordPress)

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress using a plugin.

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress: The fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to copy a message is to use a plug-in. You can save time, avoid human errors, and copy any message. In fact, in our experience, duplicate posts are actually more common with custom type posts. Anomalies in blog posting are almost the same, but very common with store merchandise for example.

So here are some plugins to help you use the duplicate brochure easier and easier.

Woocommerce – Plugin

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress: WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin, not a post-copy plugin, so you may wonder why it’s included here.

However, it’s worth knowing that you can copy your product with WooCommerce without having to install any plugins. Therefore, only use the features that come with WooCommerce before running the copy plugin to copy your product.

Go to the WooCommerce main product screen and hover over any product and you will see a duplicate link below this message.

Just click the duplicate link and a new product will be created. For new products, you can go directly to the edit screen, make changes, and submit.

It is worth noting that the new snail is the old snail. Even if you change the title of the new product, you will still need to change the helix as a copy will be added.

Double attachment – Plugin

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress: Duplicate posts are the most popular plugin for duplicate posts downloaded over 3 million times.

Once enabled, a clone link will be added to each post on the main WordPress admin message screen.

To create a new message with the same content, header, and draft status, click the Copy link below the message you want to copy.

You can then edit the new post to give a new title (WordPress provides duplicate titles but is not ideal for user experience).

Include the same duplicate link on the page and custom post type (if enabled in your settings).

Duplicate page – Plugin

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress: The duplicate page plugin has over 900,000 downloads and is an option for the duplicate plugin above.

After installing the plugin, go to the admin or page admin screen or the admin screen for the custom post type, you will see a copy of this link below each message. This is kind of for me:

Click on the link to view a new message (or a personal writing page or post) with the same status and title as the original message and draft status. Before posting, you need to arrange and change the helix.

Note: If you are using WooCommerce, this link is not a copy of this plugin. WooCommerce will replace it with its own duplicate link mentioned earlier in this post.

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress bulk way

How To Duplicate a page in WordPress: You can repeat one post at a time using the previously mentioned plugins. But what if you need to duplicate all posts on all posts on your site or on posts of the right type? Or are all the articles published this year?

You can do this entirely with the WP Bulk Post Duplicator plugin. Instead of adding a link to copy individual layouts, you will see a settings screen that copies multiple layouts based on your criteria.

Note: Since this plugin has not been updated for 2 years at the time of writing, it is recommended that you install and test it on your development site before using it on your live site. I used it on the test site without any problems.

After installing the plugin, go to Settings> WP Batch Post Duplicator to view the plugin settings screen.

Start by choosing the type of post you want to duplicate and the status of the post. So if you choose to Publish and Send, the plugin will back up all your published posts. If you select Posts & Drafts instead, all draft posts will be copied.

Scroll down and select the year of the post you want to repeat (this is optional). You can then determine the status of the newly created job. If you don’t specify anything here, this will be the default.

Click the Duplicate button and the plugin will copy the message. Here you can see all my duplicate pages from 12 current public pages and 12 new draft pages. Next, you need to process and edit all the pages before publishing. Of course this will take some time, but group replication will do this early.

Last Word

I hope you will get this topic on – How To Duplicate a page in WordPress. If you any queries related to this article or any other question just mention your question in a comment below I will surely respond to them.


How To Duplicate a page in WordPress || 2021
How To Duplicate a page in WordPress || 2021

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