Floor Sofa On A Budget With Durable Metal Frame

Floor Sofa easy Adjustable Foam Floor Sofa

  • Adjustable Floor Sofa seat that can be used for sitting or sleeping. Durable metal frame
  • Great for residences, outdoor guests, family home nights, video games, and more
  • Built using high-density Floor Sofa foam on flexible clips for modification
  • Stretchy suede outerwear provides a softer comfort
  • Portable lightweight design, easy to set up and store

Customer’s Questions

Question – What are the measurements when lying flat?

Ans – Your chances of lying down are slim. There is a problem with the manufacturing process in this article.

Question – Do I need to lean Floor Sofa against the wall for backup?

Ans – It is self-sufficient at various slope levels.

Question – Can you sit on this (Floor Sofa) without hitting the wall?

Ans – Yes you can do it.

Question – How deep is the seat of this chair in Floor Sofa?

Ans – Too deep. Sit comfortably like an adult. I can say about 2 feet

Question – Is it big enough for two people?

Ans – Yes it’s enough for 200Lb

Question – How tall is this bed? My 7-year-old son wanted to buy it to sleep with his grandmother. Its height is about 48-50.

Ans – Unfortunately, it cannot be fully deployed and put down as advertised, but even after the exchange with Amazon, something appeared at that point and the second time waiting time was too long. It might be nice to know that some people are getting something to be developed right, but something seems to be understood during the manufacturing process. You may need to change it several times to find one that works. We recommend that you consider other options besides Amazon Basics.

Question – Can I wash Floor Sofa it even if it has foam?

Ans – The cover cannot be removed, but it is easy to clean

Question – I bought the gray version. How does lightning straighten? I followed the recommended picture and not less than 120 degrees.

Ans – We are going through a rough time … I called a friend with 400Lb to push … still the same … I was impressed by the quality, but I’m not going

Floor Sofa On A Budget With Durable Metal Frame
Floor Sofa On A Budget With Durable Metal Frame

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